Become an Authorized Reseller

Here at Kennedy's Biscuits, we take great pride in the products that we make.  That's why when we continued to have businesses contact us for possible wholesale purchases, we knew we had to make it work.  

Kennedy's Biscuits is a true Kentucky company, born and grown right here in Frankfort.  All of our products really are made right here, by hand, by the two of us.  Our biscuits are our very own secret recipe... and we mix them, scoop and stamp them, then bake them at a low temperature until they're done.  Yes... we do set a timer... but we also watch them because we know what they look like when they're done.  There's no automation here, and that's actually the way we like it.  We've found that pets agree.

We are fully registered with the Kentucky Agriculture Department, and we are a true Kentucky Proud Company.  Many of the ingredients in our products are local.  If your retail store is located in this fine state, it will wear a Kentucky Proud logo.  You will also be featured on many of our promotions throughout the year (unless you request to not be included).  


Kennedy's Biscuits reserves the right to refuse a wholesale account to any individual or business.  We are strong supporters of local business.  Therefore, in many cases we do not sell our products to large corporations, and in some cases we will even refuse franchise chains.  


If you are interested in a wholesale account with us, simply fill out the form below and we will review your information.  Please be sure that you include a link to your webpage and/or social media accounts so we can check you out.