About us

 How Kennedy's Biscuits Got Started

Kennedy’s Biscuits was an idea we had after losing our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Kennedy.  He was one of the coolest dogs ever, so of course we took his loss very hard.  A wonderful friend of ours, that breeds Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, sent one of her girls home with us to help us cope with our loss a little better.  It worked.  She most certainly did not replace Kennedy, but she brought us so much joy and filled a huge void in our hearts and lives.  What started as a week long stay turned in to us being her new humans.  It was a win-win-win situation for all of us.  So… we decided that we would try every possible way to help her stay healthy and vibrant by providing her with the healthiest fresh foods and snacks possible.  Kennedy’s Biscuits was born. 

What's Wrong With National Brand Pet Treats and Food?

Most commercial dog treats and food are manufactured in mass quantities and shipped to several locations before they finally reach the shelf of your local Pet/Grocery store.  They are packed with preservatives so they can sit on those shelves for months at a time, and most do before they finally make it to your home and in to your pets mouth.  Not only are they packed with preservatives, they also have numerous fillers in them to simply "bulk up" the treat.  Your dog gets very little nutrition... lots of added fillers that your pet simply does not need (even having a negative effect on your pets health)... and after sitting on a shelf for months, the negative benefit of them being stale and unsavory.  

 The Difference

Our line of pet food is one of the best we could find.  It starts with top notch ingredients... human grade, quality proteins and vegetables.  It is then baked slowly at a low temperature to save all of those vital nutrients in the food.  Then it is packaged and sent right to our store.  Your pet gets a fresh, incredibly high quality food... and we deliver right to your door in Central Kentucky free of charge.  You will notice the difference in your pet, and they will definitely love you for it.

Our biscuits are healthy for your pet… no sugar is added… and we do not add preservatives.  No fillers, no preservatives, and you can pronounce every ingredient in our biscuits.  That makes a huge difference.  We also make Kennedy's Biscuits ONE batch at a time... not in massive quantities.  Our method is tried and true... Although we knew Onyx loved them, we tested them on our friends and neighbors woggies as well.  We are striving to create a healthy overall biscuit that you can feel good about… and it tastes good too!