About us

 How Kennedy's Biscuits Got Started

Kennedy's Biscuits started in 2016 with one vision... happy and healthy pets. It all started with Kennedy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. After his loss, it became my mission to do more... love more... live more.
My storefront is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. I make my own line of healthy treats, jerky, and spa products for dogs. I even have a line of fresh and healthy pet food.
All of my products are made right here... nothing is outsourced. And, I have a blast doing it! :)
I have also recently added my own line of unique shirts. Check back often to see what's new!

What's Wrong With National Brand Pet Treats and Food?

Most commercial dog treats and food are manufactured in mass quantities and shipped to several locations before they finally reach the shelf of your local Pet/Grocery store.  They are packed with preservatives so they can sit on those shelves for months at a time. Your pet gets very little nutrition in most cases... and after sitting on a shelf for months, the negative benefit of them being stale and unsavory.  

 The Mission

Our mission is simple. Provide the best food, treats, and products we can find or make it ourselves. We're Kentucky Proud, and our products are some of the best All Natural products on the market. Your pet will definitely agree!